Virtual Retail Stores

We change the online ordering game with our virtual retail stores. Our virtual stores are built on an advanced e-commerce system that is user-friendly and simplified for easy ordering. Along with our partners at Team Uniform Orders, we provide high-end customer service on an advanced and secured system making our customer shopping experience a breeze! Virtual stores are perfect for any team, organization, business, event or fundraiser. 

Each virtual store is branded specifically for you! All of the items on the store are hand-picked by both us and you to ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Our virtual stores are backed by online support for help or assistance, a premier customer service team, and an array of back-end reports that help streamline the entire process with ease. 

Our stores are very user-friendly and provide all of the information needed to successfully purchase your custom goods. Each item listed on the site for sale has accurate product spec information and sizing charts to help choose the best size for you!