Athleisure: The Current Apparel Trends

We are living in the world of athleisure and we are living for it. By definition, athleisure is casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use and this trend has really taken over the world over the last year or two. 

The two of us have a very relaxed, athletic, casual style so we fully embrace the athleisure world and welcome it with open arms. This trend is also a great case int the world of custom apparel because it really gives us a chance to showcase the products we know and love to wear ourselves to our customers.

Being partnered with the top brands in the industry who clearly know to keep up with the athleisure trends has its absolute perks. The best gear is at our fingertips for not only ourselves and our family and friends to enjoy but for our customers too. We are constantly keeping up with products that are new and that people are loving in the apparel world. With this information, we make sure we offer these tips and product ideas up to our customers when purchasing products from us or building virtual web stores.

It is our job and our mission to get you and yours the best products, and especially ones that are trending. Trending products right now include joggers, quarter zips, beanies and oversized crew-neck sweatshirts. All of which we both love wearing personally and love to sell to our customers as well. 

As trends change, we will be highlighting what's "hot" here on our blog. Maybe you aren't sure if you love a jogger and are used to the normal open-legged pants. That's totally fine too! We will always be able to have access to classic staples that we all grew up wearing and still love wearing. Being partnered with so many different vendors gives us so much variety in what we can sell to you and that right there is a great thing! 

If you feel like you are stuck and don't know what the "kids" are wearing these days- feel free to ask us for suggestions! We are here to help guide you and give you feedback on what we are seeing that people are loving. A mix of both things we love and what you are looking for makes for a great store or order and we're here to help you if you need product advice at any time!

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