Getting Started in the Apparel Industry

You know when they say, if you never try you'll never know? That was the case with us with starting our own business together. Being active workers in the apparel industry for many years, we both grew to love and have a serious passion for custom apparel. After being "in it" for so long we realized recently that there still is a need for another player to enter the game-- and we're ready to play. 

I (Val) grew up around apparel since my father started his own business back in 1999. I would drive around with him on deliveries, always learning from him. I was totally fascinated watching him interact with people and listening to him make sales over the phone on family car rides to Maine. From someone who worked in the fish industry for many years, he sure knew how to run an apparel business with ease! 

He started our family business because my sister's cheerleading team needed warm-ups and duffel bags. He wanted to donate them to the team, but when looking for a reputable apparel vendor, he was left with no great options. Right then and there he saw the need for this business, especially in our small town in MA.

When the time came to make this apparel hobby a full time job, he found a mixed retail/office space in our hometown which really made things official. I would get dropped off from the bus to the business. I would pop in and out of the retail store to help sell custom town apparel to my fellow neighbors. I was young, but I always watched and I always listened. I learned from the best. That's how I knew I wanted to be involved in this apparel world forever.

I worked for my Dad through high school and college, and even won an award my senior year at Endicott College for my senior thesis being based off of our company. My senior semester long internship was at our business making it easy to transition out to the workforce post college. It was so much fun and I was living my dream as an adult in an industry I grew up around and loved! 

Fast forward to 2017- Sarki "entered the chat" aka my office- quite literally walked through the door prior to a job interview with my dad. We got to talking and I quickly realized how much knowledge he had in the apparel industry and how much I could tell he too, loved it like I did. Well you all know what happened next- a few years went by, but we fell in love with each other for many reasons but one of them being our mutual love for this business.  

Sarki had his own apparel business with his Dad in a town close by. They started for the same reasons my Dad did all those years back. They loved apparel and saw the need for custom goods in their town and local towns that surrounded. It was a family affair for both of us and that's what made us love the industry even more- being able to share these memories and daily jobs with our dad's.

Sarki and his dad decided to join forces with us eventually and we all worked together as one. It was so much fun working side by side with family members, and people who became like family to us. We felt on top of the world quite honestly- in this industry that became really competitive with lots of players as the years went on.

It wasn't until this year, 2022- after Sarki and I got married in June that we decided there was a need for more change for us. A big decision that we made together as a married couple. It was time for us to take our passions and all that we have learned from our dad's over the years, and make something for ourselves. Create our own magic combined with from what we have observed of the years. That is when Sarkisian Apparel was born and brought to life and two little kids who grew up loving gear, were screaming with excitement for a new beginning! 

We both know that getting started in this industry isn't easy and definitely not for the faint of heart. We've seen people try and fail over and over again throughout the years. It's not for everyone- but we know for sure it's for us. Being in it for so long, meeting people and creating friendships and working relationships with customers, companies, schools & vendors gives us an advantage. An advantage that we are so grateful to have. We have the passion for the industry, the knowledge of the ever-changing trends, and we know what people are looking for in the custom apparel world.

It's going to be an exciting ride. An adventure that the two of us have only ever dreamt of embarking on. But today we're living it and it feels so damn good. When you work with us, you're not just getting random products and a service from anyone. You're getting quality gear and service from people who grew up in it. Who love it. Who have a passion for this. And that's why we're here and not going anywhere. We're in this to win this. We're hungry. We're hard-working, eager and excited and absolutely no one or nothing is going to stop us now. 

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